GW4 , TOP 3 Players To Replace Aguero/Lacazette

H17 2017-09-02 Others

1) Harry Kane (SPURS) £12.5 , TSB 27.3%
Upcoming fixtures: EVE A, SWA H, WHU A
am i nerd? stats suggests that if the convertion rate of Kane been same as last season he would have had 2.5 averaged goals till now. August is not long gone but will be over when GW4 is at stage. Kane been firing shots on net over last every apps but unfortunately missed out from scoring. This surely gonna be change. Spurs main point of fact to go forward was their striker to be in the focal point. Kane gotta be adjust himself to wembley as home ground and make us happy again.

2) Firmino(LFC) £8.6, TSB: 27.3%
Upcoming fixtures: MCI A, BUR H, LEI A
He is the perfect piece for klopp's style of football. Firmino's directness and final third passes makes goal and assist potent player. Something same role as Morata at lesser price. Firmino is exciting valued option to have in your team. I one word it will be great move to do.

3) Morata £10.1, TSB: 11.9%
Upcoming fixtures: LEI A, ARS H, STK A
The former real man is new at PL but has quickly adjusted himself to. His 3 shots on goal and also 4 key passes over that period indicates his potential as goal and also assist threat. His form is the key to consider himself on replacing aguero/lacazette.

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