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In this weekly article , we answer the most asked questions ahead of Gameweek 14

Q1) Best Tottenham Assets?

FAQ spurs assets.png

Lots of managers are paying a close attention to Tottenham players over the Christmas period as they have a nice run of fixtures.

Tottenham fixtures – SOU,lei,BUR,eve,BOU,WOL,car.

In my opinion there are 4 solid options to consider when we look at which assets we should consider transferring in for this run of fixtures. The key stats are highlighted below.

FAQ spurs assets 2.png

Kane Eriksen Alli Son

FPL price £12.4m £9.2m £8.9m £8.3m

FPL points 73 38 38 29

Starts 14 8 7 6

Minutes played 1251 761 630 479

Goals 8 0 2 1

Shots 48 18 12 17

Shots on target 25 6 8 7

Shots in 18 yd box 30 6 10 10 Assists 2 5 2 2

Key passes 11 20 6 5

Big chances created 2 3 3 1

Opp. Pen. area touches 76 23 39 36

Tottenham like all premier league sides will inevitably be prone to rotation over the Christmas period given that all sides will have to play 6 games in 27 days. In my opinion the midfielders above will more than likely be rotated for a maximum of 2 games over the Christmas period and even Kane may be given a rest with Llorente possibly getting a rare start. As you can see, Kane is head and shoulders above the others, but it has to be highlighted that Kane has started all the matches whereas the others have missed significant game time due to injuries and international commitments. You can see from the stats above – Kane is the standout goal scoring option but is money better spent choosing 1 of the 3 midfielders over him with Arsenal’s Aubameyang or Lacazette offering similar returns for less money as an alternative to Kane? In my opinion this is a real valid argument. I am torn between bringing in Kane or one of Aubameyang/Lacazette. If I choose an Arsenal attacker then I think it is important to try and cover Kane’s points with either Eriksen, Alli or Son.

In my opinion the midfield trio mentioned above is equally as susceptible to rotation and I think that their scoring over the next 6-7 GWs will be very similar. Eriksen offers the creative spark whereas Son offers a goal scoring threat. In my opinion Alli offers both and could possibly be the slightly better option.

As far as other Tottenham assets go it may be an option to bring in a defensive option in the form of Alderweireld, Lloris or Tripper (when fit). If this is the case then I think Trippier is by far the best option. As far as other midfielders go- I think Moura and Lamela would be nice budget options but feel they are less important to Spurs and Pochettino compared to the players I have highlighted which would make them less likely to get a decent amount of minutes.

Q2) How to survive Pep rotation ahead of December’s busy schedule?

mci rotation.png

The simple answer to this is you probably can’t. All Man City options will be rotated over the Christmas period and this has already been highlighted by the omission of Aguero on Saturday which frustrated many FPL managers. With City having such a strong squad Pep has the luxury of rotating his players in an attempt to keep them fit and fresh whilst not weakening his starting 11 significantly. That being said I think it is important to have at least 2 City options (I have 3 and have no plans to decrease this). In my opinion City are so strong – They are averaging 3 goals per game so far after scoring 43 over the first 14 games. These points are being shared around with. 7 of their players having scored 60+ points and Sterling is the currently the top scorer in the game with 104 points. The best way to survive the rotation is having 3 options and hoping that all 3 don’t miss out at the same time. There will be a big chunk of you budget that will be eaten up by having City options but they are worth it. I believe that a Sterling or Sane playing 3 out of 4 games will score you more points than other team’s midfield players in the league that will play 5 or 6 games. Load up on City and cross your fingers.

Q3) Is it time to sell Hazard and Salah and invest in inform strikers like Kane and Aubameyang?

FAQ salah hazard out.png

This is a valid argument and an option that I am more than likely going to adopt. If we look at the last 4 games the above players have scored the following;

Aubameyang – 3 goals, 1 assist – 28 points

Kane – 3 goals, 1 assist – 24 points

Salah – 2 goals, 0 assists – 21 points

Hazard – 0 goals, 2 assists – 14 points

As you can see Aubameyang and Kane have outscored both Hazard and Salah over the last 4 game weeks and they now have a run of fixtures that are probably the easiest in the league over December. As we know Salah and Hazard are world class players but they and their clubs are not scoring freely and particularly Liverpool looking a little lackluster offensively. Making the move has the potential to reap the rewards but there is also the potential of Hazard and Salah scoring well as they are world class

Most FPL managers have already shipped out 1 or both of Hazard/Salah to make the move to Arsenal and Tottenham assets. Only time will tell if this is a wise choice.

There is no right answer to this question but in my opinion and my plan is to get rid of Salah to get Kane/Aubameyang in ( I don’t own Hazard).

Q4) Keep or sell Martial and Barkley?

FAQ barkley martial.png

After both players have had a rich vein of scoring points – Barkley scoring 36 points over 3 gam weeks (GWs 8-10), he has then gone on to score 4 point over the last 4 games – starting only 1 and playing in total only 103 minutes over this period. It looks like Sarri prefers Kovacic at the moment and Barkley is rated as doubtful for GW 15. In my opinion it is time to get rid of the Englishman.

Martial’s point output hasn’t slumped as much as Barkley but United clearly are having problems at the moment. If you were to opt to have a United player then Martial is the only stand out option in my opinion. Like Barkley, between GWs 8-10 Martial scored a whopping 37 points whereas over the last 4 game weeks he has scored 21 points ( still a nice return). Surprisingly Martial was named as sub for the 2-2 draw with Southampton which didn’t please several FPL managers and is a worry when Mourinho decides to bench his most in form player. At £7.1m I think the Frenchman still offers value even though United look poor at the moment. I would consider holding him but if you have lost patience then the following players of similar value or cheaper may be worth considering.(especially if you want to use the saved funds to upgrade some of your squad members).

F Anderson £7.1m (WHU) – 34 points over the last 4 game weeks in which he has scored 4 goals. West Ham also have a nice run of fixtures in December avoiding all the top 6 clubs in the next 7 games.

S Armstrong £5.1m (SOU) – 24 points over the last 4 game weeks in which he has scored 3 goals. The worry with Armstrong is his guaranteed starting position especially now given that Hughes has been sacked and the Saints are on the search for a new manager. Southampton also face Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City in December.

S March £5.0m (BRI) – 22 points over the last 4 game weeks in which he has assisted 4 goals. March seems to be on most set pieces but the return of Gross will likely put an end to this and may not see similar returns in the upcoming game weeks. Not as easy a run of fixtures as West Ham but Brighton do have some decent fixtures in December and only face Chelsea and Arsenal from the top 6. They seem to be considerably stronger at home and 4 of their 6 December fixtures are at home.

A Townsend £5.7m (CPL) – 26 points over the last 4 fixtures having scored 2 goals and assisting another. Townsend has been playing out of position as an attacker along with Zaha which may be the reason why he has suddenly started scoring points. With Chelsea and City to play in December fixtures aren’t great.

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