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Gameweek 2 , TOP 3 Differential Players :

H17 2017-08-16 TOP 3 Differentials

Our 3 differential Players are players which forms are greater than 6.0 and are owned by less than 7%. We choose “form” as our indicator because it is a player’s average score per game, calculated from all games played by his club in the last 30 days. These are our choices for each position :

DEF: Lossl – 4.5m – 1.9%
This Huddersfield’s goalkeeper gained 2 Bonus Point in his last match. He also made 4 saves in gameweek 1. His low price (4.5m) can make your budget more efficient so you can optimize your budget for the other players. His mate, Zanka, scored more point that is 10 point by assisting 1 goal in gameweek 1. But, you should be careful if you want to pick Zanka because Huddersfield has alternatives for Center Back. So, Lossl will give you a guanrantee for starter. Huddersfield also will meet easy fixtures for upcoming 4 gameweek. Just take Huddersfield’s defender for your line up!!!

MID: David Silva – 8.0m – 6.2%
This Spaniard midfielder made 1 assist in his last match and gained 2 Bonus Point. His creativity can make him to be a point magnet. He has a middle-price so you do not need to spend a high budget for him. Man City’s next 5 gameweeks just meet 1 club from big 6 in the last season of Premier League, that is Liverpool in Gameweek 4. Yes, it is just Liverpool. So, don’t too worry to pick Silva as your squad.

FWD: Mounie – 6.0m – 2.7%
This 22 years old striker scored 2 goals in gameweek 1 from his 3 shots in that game. A superb performance from a stricker of a promoted club. He will be your best pick to be your third stricker with his low price. His fixtures are also very easy for the next 4 gameweeks. So, hurry up, if you have Harry Kane, you should change Kane to Mounie.

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