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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Milivojevic (Crystal Palace) £5.2

Transfered out by : 17176
next game : WBA(H)
The frustration with this guy is too much , if you ever watched Palace playing you'd understand that he rarely contributes in making attacks , but when it comes to set pieces he is the number one , and the reason of being a popular pick was the big number of penalties given to them lately. I believe another one can be awarded in the last game , and I see it pointless to sell a cheap player in the last gameweek of the season
GW37 points : 1

2/ Jesus / Sterling (Man City) £10.4 / £9.1

Transfered out by : 67308 / 42399
next game : SOU(A)
Well for these two you must be very angry that you don't even want to see them on your team , but that's life , no matter how bad you get you must go on and continue . Sterling was rested on DGW so he will be playing , while Jesus is a guaranteed striker while Aguero is out , and City still have something to say in this season , so would turn into the most valuable players in your team for this GW
GW37 points : 4 / 3

3/ Vardy (Leicester) £8.8

Transfered out by : 65293
next game : TOT(A)
No one likes scoring vs top 6 teams more than this man , and Spurs have nothing to play for since they guaranteed the top 4 spot last GW , and since this man scored in the last game , you can say he is not out of form , I consider him as a hot pick this GW
GW37 points : 11


1/Lukaku (Man United) £11.5

Transfered out by : 55598
next game : WAT(H)
Normally when a player picks a minor injury I advice you to bench him and he'll be there in the next GW , but this time it's different since there is no next GW , take Big Rom out of your team and you'll have enough money to make some good transferts
GW37 points : 0

2/ De Gea(Man United) £5.9

Transfered out by : 25861
next game : WAT(H)
Mourinho confirmed in the press conference that DDG will be rested this GW , use this information properly by selling him and buying the best goalkeeper option you can think of since he is FPL most expensive GK
GW37 points : 9

3/ Trippier (Spurs) £5.2

Transfered out by : 18431
next game : LEI(H)
I see no point in playing this man this GW since he picked an injury and will probably miss the game and since Spurs have nothing to play for after securing a Champions League spot for the next season
GW37 points : 8

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