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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ J.Ayew (Swansea) £5.3m

Transfered out by : 16842
next 3 games : BUR(H)-BHA(A)-WHU(H)
Swansea City are in a good form lately , they jumped from last position to 17th thanks to 8 big points in the last 4 games . And if you want to pick someone from them (alongside with the defenders) you should think about Jordan Ayew , he's cheap energetic and giving good returns . He scored 4 goals in the last 7 games , and picked bonus points each time he scored .
GW26 points : 2
buy him ? YES

2/ Vardy (Leicester) £8.6m

Transfered out by : 24443
next 3 games : MCI(A)-STK(H)-BOU(H)
Could you tell me why are you selling a man who scored in his last 3 games ? do you want to miss him chase his record of scoring in 11 straight games ? the golden rule in football is : never change a winning formula , and that's exactly what are you doing by letting this man out of your team
GW26 points : 6
buy him ? YES

3/ Kane (Spurs) £12.8m

Transfered out by : 26530
next 3 games : ARS(H)-CRY(A)-HUD(H)
As a Harry Kane owner from GW1 I would tell you this : keep selling him , keep his price drop occasionally , and he'll keep scoring , breaking record and enjoy the the first position in the top scorer race . I understand your frustration with his missed penalty , but at the end he scored , he gave better return than most of big price strikers , and he is still third top player in FPL
FACTS : Harry Kane vs Arsenal - Starts 6, Goals 6, Assists 0
GW26 points : 4
buy him ? NO


1/Mahrez (Leicester) £8.6m

Transfered out by : 93917
next 3 games : MCI(A)-STK(H)-BOU(H)
The problem between the Algerian and LCFC's board isn't getting any better , and this means that he must get out of your team immediately . You can face multiple price drops if you don't do this move as soon as reading this article .
GW26 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

2/ Depoitre (Huddersfield) £5.4m

Transfered out by : 29077
next 3 games : BOU(H)-WBA(A)-TOT(A)
Injured , inconsistent , in a bad form , not getting enough play time and hasn't scored in 5 gameweeks . Honestly I think it's a bit late to do this move but still it shouldn't get delayed any more
GW26 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Alonso (Chelsea) £7.4m

Transfered out by : 51323
next 3 games : WBA(H)-MUN(A)-MCI(A)
PS : I'm not including him for the injury he got , what I'm telling here is also true for Azpilicueta , Courtois and all the other Chelsea defenders .
7 GOALS IN 2 GAMES !! what kind of defence is that ? you don't forgive £4.5m defenders for such results , let the most expensive defender in the game . and when you look at their upcoming fixtures you realize they won't get any better , two exhausting Champions League games wile facing both Manchester sides in PL , this only means that more goals will be conceded and more frustration for Chelsea defenders owners.
GW26 points : 0
sell for a hit ? NO

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