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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Pogba (Man United) £8.0m

next 3 games : TOT(A)-HUD(H)-NEW(A)
If your decision is because he blanked , we need you to open FPL and give us one player that hasn't blanked any game , that's impossible huh ? and if it's a plan to bring someone else I totally disagree with you . Pogba has missed 10 games this season , yet he is 2nd top assister in PL (1 less than KDB who played all games). He has reached 88 points , a simple calculation shows that's an average of 6 points per game he plays , that's quite what Kane and Sterling are averaging (remember they're second and third top players in FPL) . And with the addition of Sanchez in the Man Utd squad , Pogba could become more crucial and he'll provide more goals and assists
GW24 points : 2
buy him ? YES

2/ Sterling (Man City) £8.9m

next 3 games : WBA(H)-BUR(A)-LEI(H)
What are you doing ? do you really want to sell a Manchester City player ? and of all players you're selling their top points scoring man ? I think you're making a very big decision because Sterling is not only giving good outcome but also being promising and his added value to the
citizens attack can't be unseen.
GW24 points : 5
buy him ? YES

3/ Vardy (Leicester) £8.5m

next 3 games : EVE(A)-SWA(H)-MCI(A)
You can be so mad at Vardy because his performance is not consistent this season , but do not sell him when he is in form because you know what could happen next . Be patient with him and he may be your savior in the next weeks .
GW24 points : 9
buy him ? NO


1/Arnautovic (West Ham) £7.1m

next 3 games : CRY(H)-BHA(A)-WAT(H)
We need to know which one of you has cursed him , it was a pleasure seeing him play and owning him means points , but he suddenly picked an injury . My plan is to sell him to free up some funds , you can go with some big names for his price , then who knows if he does some more madness later you can still bring him back .
GW24 points : 5
sell for a hit ? NO

2/ Vertonghen (Spurs) £6.0m

next 3 games : MUN(H)-LIV(A)-ARS(H)
I'm sorry to tell you this but Tottenham defence is not as strong as it was in the few last seasons . Maybe it's Alderweireld's injury and may be Pochettino's plans and rotations are the reason for this , but what's sure is that Spurs couldn't have back to back Clean Sheets since GW7+GW8 . And to add oil in the fire , Spurs are going to face three strong opponents next .
GW24 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Gross (Brighton) £5.8m

next 3 games : SOU(A)-WHU(H)-STK(A)
Sometimes having a player makes the difference , and sometimes not having him does , and that's exactly the case for Gross . We do remember when it was a trend to get him , he gave good outcomes then but it stopped , and while 15% of players still own him , it would be a gain for you if you get that player who delivers better points than him (and we have a Budget players article to help you pick one ). If you still have faith in him , we advice you to draw a line called "enough" , and sell him the moment he crosses it
GW24 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

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