The Inventor of Fantasy Football

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Have you ever wondered where the fantasy football we love and adore came from? Or who was the mastermind behind it? Today i reveal that as a christmas special to you.

A man named Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest drug sellers in history was very fond of football. He loved football so much to the extent that he listened to football matches on his radio while being chased by security services and the DEA

Escobar invested all his money in football and these investments were what kept him alive. Escobar’s passion for football was what led him to invent the beautiful game i.e Fantasy Football. The game spread between Escobar’s men in the form of bets after he began with one of his mates called Jose Gacha. Escobar suggested that each one to choose his dream team of the Colombian league players. Escobar would chose 11 players, his starting 11 from all the players in the league, as would Gacha, his opponent. The players that performed well in real life would determine the winner between Escobar and Gacha, provided they picked those players.

The game developed after Escobar and his mates become so addicted to it in the same way we are today. So the game that is played by Millions around the world today was invented in Colombia. Next time one of your deluded friends come to you and brag about Fantasy Football, just ask them where it originated. If they don't have a clue, tell them of the story of the drug lord, Pablo Escobar himself.

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