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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Doucouré (Watford) £5.4m

next 3 games : !BHA(A)-LEI(H)-SWA(H)
If you're planning to sell him because of the red flag next to his name then we have a better plan : keep him on your bench for the Brighton game , then you'll find him ready for points in the next fixtures ; remember you purchased him at a low cost and he's giving some boost to your score . Selling him seems a wrong idea when you look at Watford's upcoming opponents
GW18 points : 7
buy him ? NO

2/ Aguero (Man City) £11.5m

next 3 games : BOU(H)-NEW(A)-CRY(A)
Believe me, all these blanks mean he's going to have a great game to make all those who sold him fume , it can be this GW , and it also depends on what Pep is planning for us
GW18 points : 1
buy him ? YES

3/ Valencia (Man United) £6.9m

next 3 games : LEI(A)-BUR(H)-SOU(H)
he posted on instagram that he's ok , and we're waiting late updates to confirm. Nevertheless , you can gamble on him this GW and he'll be there for the remaining GWs , and he's worth such gambles. Remember he's the top point scoring defender on FPL and only De Gea (99) and Lukaku (94) are his teammates within same range of points.
GW18 points : 7
buy him ? NO


1/ Shaqiri (Stoke) £6.2m

next 3 games : WBA(H)-HUD(A)-CHE(A)
Very bad form for him and his team , our advice is to find a better midfielder at that price and he will probably give you better results
GW18 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

2/ Davies (Spurs) £5.5m

next 3 games : BUR(A)-SOU(H)-
if you own him , I would like to comfort you after being trolled twice in 4 days . Life isn't meant to be that hard so get rid of him and you'll certainly feel better. If you're still backing him and thinking he'll have more playing time I'm afraid to tell you that Tottenham are having bad nightmares in defence since Alderweireld's injury , and prepare yourself for a blank Game Week on GW21
GW18 points : 1
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Kiko Femenia (Watford) £4.6m

next 3 games : BHA(A)-LEI(H)-SWA(H)
He's been out injured for a good time now , and even when he'll be back , he may be gets benched after Zeeglar brilliant performances . So selling him is more reasonable at the moment
GW18 points : 0
sell for a hit ? NO

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