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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Sane (Man City) £8.8m

next 3 games : MUN(A)-SWA(A)-TOT(H)
The man was sick last week , this can be the excuse for his poor performance against West Ham , but you also need to know that this man has an impact in the half of the games he starts , so don't sell the 6th best player in the game just for one bad week .
GW15 points : 2
buy him ? YES

2/ Groß (Brighton) £6.0m

next 3 games : HUD(A)-TOT(A)-BUR(H)
No sir , you don't sell him , yes his team lost 5-1 against Liverpool and he did nothing during that game , but it's not a reason to destroy the balance of your team by removing Groß and trying to find someone who's certainly less talented and decisive than him . And don't forget to check his upcoming fixtures as they look promising for some goals or assists
GW15 points : 2
buy him ? YES

3/ Richarlison (Watford) £6.6m

next 3 games : BUR(A)-CRY(A)-HUD(H)
Again , don't touch this man , he's too good to be sold , not so good that he never blanks , but he absolutely deserves more chances in your team , so give him these few chances and you'll definitely be happy about the result .
GW15 points : 1
buy him ? YES


1/ Pogba (Man United) £8.0m

Received a red card against Arsenal , which means he will miss 3 games , he may even miss more if the FA decides to punish him for clapping to the referee after receiving the card , but anyway nobody in this game can afford having an expensive midfielder who wouldn't return any point .
GW15 points : 5
sell for a hit ? YES

2/ Niasse (Everton) £5.0m

next 3 games : LIV(A)-NEW(A)-SWA(H)
You would maybe have noticed Everton's unbelievable form these few gameweeks , so that's why you think Niasse should be on your team , but if you look closer , you'll find out he doesn't play any minute anymore , that means he should lose the place as soon as possible , and remember the cheapest players become impossible to get rid of once their price drops .
GW15 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Davies (Tottenham) £5.6m

next 3 games : STK(H)-BHA(H)-MCI(A)
Too many bad games for Tottenham , unable to keep clean sheets for a long run of games , so the idealistic approach is to spend your money on better defenders . Once Spurs get back to their best , you can get him back for a supposed less money .
GW14 points : 2
sell for a hit ? NO

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