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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Kane (Tottenham) £12.8m

next 3 games : WAT(A)-STK(H)-BHA(H)
Here's an important rule you shouldn't miss when making transfers on FPL : do never sell the best forward of the game , the one standing second on the top scorers list , because no matter which player you'll get , it will obviously be a downgrade . His form lately is favorable (14 points last 2 games) and the upcoming fixtures look promising .
GW14 points : 6
buy him ? YES

2/ Morata (Chelsea) £10.7m

next 3 games : NEW(H)-WHU(A)-HUD(A)
It shouldn't be a matter if he misses some games , at the end everybody is doing it . But when it comes to performance and points he's good , he is just 5 points behind the best forward (Kane) so one goal next GW assuming one of the top 3 strikers (Kane-Aguero-Lukaku) blanks means he's back on the dream team .
GW14 points : 1
buy him ? YES

3/ Richarlison (Watford) £6.6m

next 3 games : TOT(H)-BUR(A)-CRY(A)
What are you doing ? this man is the cheapest player you can have and stop worrying about in the game , he contributes in half of his team's goals and his form is very good . Watford are also playing good and don't look threatened to blank against top teams , so in overall Richarlison is the kind of player you'll regret selling
GW14 points : 2
buy him ? NO


1/ Eriksen (Tottenham) £9.4m

next 3 games : WAT(A)-STK(H)-BHA(H)
Remember what we said last GW ? the last chance we gave him was also blown , so it's better to sell him and use his money on other midfielders who can boost up your points . Generally speaking Tottenham are having a very bad run of games and this is really something no one expected .
GW14 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

2/ Elliot (Newcastle) £4.2m

next 3 games : CHE(A)-LEI(H)-EVE(H)
Enough is enough , this man wasted all the opportunities he had and he is becoming as useless as any £4.2m goalkeeper is , so if you have him as your main goalkeeper you should take a hit and upgrade him , if you have him as a backup keeper you can have him there in your bench for no reason , or ditch him to a cheaper goalkeeper to free up some funds
GW14 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Matic (Man United) £5.0m

next 3 games : ARS(A)-MCI(H)-BOU(H)
It was a poor decision to buy him from the beginning , defensive midfielders love to fool people with one goal and one assist to look so good , but they're having defensive duties that aren't rewarded in FPL . So it maybe looks time to sell him following the hype and it's important to avoid price drops that could cost much in this case .
GW14 points : 1
sell for a hit ? NO

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