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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Mahrez (Leicester) £8.4m


next 3 games : WHU(A)-TOT(H)-BUR(H)
So Far Sold By : 13 598 FPL Managers
Remember why did you buy him ? I guess because he went into a good run of games , being involved in 5 goals in 4 games , but then you want to sell him for one bad game ? and against no opponent but Manchester City !! this sounds illogic to me . plus the foxes will have great run facing only 3 big names in the next 9 games till new year , so don't have low faith on the Algerian maestro.
GW12 points : 2
buy him ? YES

2/ Aguero (Man City) £11.7m


next 3 games : HUD(A)-SOU(H)-WHU(H)
So Far Sold By : 82 301 FPL Managers
Our second player on the keep list has been a Man City player , I guess you know why and what I will say , but here it is again : WE ALL HATE GUARDIOLA , but must live with his rotations ; whatever you do is not going to be ideal , so keep your player even when he doesn't play and be sure he will backfire the next GW . By the way Aguero is Aguero so there is no need to panic for him.
GW12 points : 0
buy him ? YES

3/ Groß (Brighton) £5.9m


next 3 games : MUN(A)-CRY(H)-LIV(H)
So Far Sold By : 28 636 FPL Managers
Here's one drawback of selling your player before he plays his GW game : he scores . People are getting rid of him because Brighon are going through a tough run , but don't lose hope on him because whenever the Seagulls score , he'll be on the scoresheet .
GW12 points : 10
buy him ? NO


1/ Lascelles (Newcastle) £4.8m

next 3 games : WAT(H)-WBA(A)-CHE(A)
Didn't play against Man United because of an injury , but he could be available for next game and we shall wait on late reports to know . We are advising you to sell him because of the bad run of games Newcastle are having : 3 consecutive defeats and 1 cleansheet in 7 games , and nobody is conceding from corners anymore , so he just became a useless player in your squad .
GW12 points : 0
sell for a hit ? NO

2/ Alderweireld (Tottenham) £5.9m

next 3 games :
Won't be available until the new year , so it's not wise to keep him , and sell him quickly because he will certainly suffer from a price drop before the next gameweek
GW12 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ David Luiz (Chelsea) £5.9m

next 3 games : LIV(A)-SWA(H)-NEW(H)
If you didn't sell him the last GW because you were uncertain , it's now clear that things are not going well with David Luiz and he lost his place in Conte's lineup , and the result is you having a very expensive player who won't play any minute .
GW12 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

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