Gameweek 11 Review, The Dream Team Analysis : Who Is Worth Buying & Who Is Not ?

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I will take a look at last game weeks Dream Team. And analyse what players you should keep/buy, and whom you should keep away from. I will be looking at the player and team stats, some facts from last season and fixtures ahead.

#Begovic 4.5 mill, 36p, TSB 3.8%, Form 4

#Cook 4.8 mill, 23p, TSB 0.5%, Form 4.8

Let’s start with the Bournemouth duo #Begovic and #Cook. Bournemouth have had a bad start to the season and they have managed only 2 Clean Sheets. Cook was not in the team in one of those CS.
Last season you might remember that Begovic only played two matches. Last season Cook scores 2 goals.
The fixture list ahead looks great for Bournemouth. HUD (h), SWA (a), BUR (h), SOU (h), CRY (a)
If there is a time for Bournemouth it’s now! They have to get something out of these next GW.

DECISION : I would not risk any of them in my team yet.

#Malone 4.3 mill, 12p, TSB 0.1%, Form 3.5

Scott #Malone was this week’s big surprise. The Huddersfield defender played his first start in 4 games.
He has played 216 minutes so far.
Huddersfield has a really tough fixture list ahead. BOU (a), MAC (h), ARS (a), EVE (a), BRI (h)


#Baines 5.8 mill, 28p, TSB 5.1%, Form 3.8

Everton’s season has been really bad. Koeman got sacked and David Unsworth have been given the rains. They have 1 Clean Sheet, from the first game. So defensively they are struggling.

Leighton #Baines got a goal and assist last GW. That was his first goal points this season. He has played every minute. Last season he scored 2 times, and had 5 assist.
It’s a tricky fixture list ahead. CRY (a), SOU (a), WHU (h), HUD (h), LIV (a)

DECISION : I would not risk Baines yet. Maybe after the two hard away games.

#Azpilicueta 6.7 mill, 67p, TSB 17.6%, Form 6.5

Azpi has started this season fantastic. With 5 CS, 5 assist and 1 goal! That was his whole tally for last season.
He has regularly gifted points to FPL managers in the opening weeks. Only 4 GW have resulted in “bad” GW.
Chelsea’s fixtures ahead. WBA (a), LIV (a), SWA (h), NEW (h), WHU (a)

DECISION : Keep him or get him!

#Matip 5.5 mill, 40p, TSB 2.8%, Form 5.5

Liverpool get’s bashed a lot for their defensive errors. And yes sometimes that is justified. But Matip and Liverpool have managed 4 Clean Sheets. That is pretty good, Arsenal and Southampton has the same.
Matip only scored once in his debut season (2016/17). But when he arrived from the Bundusliga he was well known for being an aerial threat.
Liverpool’s fixture list SOU (h), CHE (h), STO (a), BRI (a), EVE (h)

DECISION : If you have him, keep him. His fixtures ahead is ok. The danger with choosing Liverpool defenders is that Klopp is part of the “one goal more than the other team” school.

#Salah 9.4 mill, 72p, TSB 39.6%, Form7.3

The egyptian has become this season’s talisman for Liverpool. With Mane and Coutinho back it will be very interesting seeing if Klopps side can fire on all cylinders.
Fantastic start to the season. 7 goals, 3 assist and 7 BP.
Liverpool’s fixture list SOU (h), CHE (h), STO (a), BRI (a), EVE (h)

DECISION : Keep him or get him! Liverpool will score goals, and I believe he will get on the score sheet.

#Shaqiri 5.9 mill, 45p, TSB 4.2%, Form 5

Stoke has had a troubling start defensively. Their scoring on the other hand has been ok. Shaqiri is a big part, and the main creative force in Stoke’s attack. He has 2 goals, 4 assist and 5BP. He is well on route to have a much better season than last year (4 goals and 2 assist).
The fixture list ahead: BRI (a), CRY (a), LIV (h), SWA (H), TOT (a)

DECISION : My verdict is to keep him if you have him. And if you have 6 mill and need a midfielder he is a good option.

#Son 7.9 mill, 33p, TSB 1.6%, Form 5.8

Tottenham is playing good offensive football, and Son has a part to play this season. But not as the nr. 1 choice. His game versus Crystal Palace was this season's first 90 minutes game. He has played 497 min.
And it looks like Alli’s injury is short term.
2 goals from a player who does not play regularly is good. He has 0 assist and 2 BP.

DECISION : He is too expensive to take a risk. No from me. I would sell to get the cash

#Mane 9.3 mill, 32p, TSB 7.5%, Form 2.5

He return from injury with 2 assist in 76 minutes. And if it wasn't for Salah he would have been man of the match.
Before his suspension in GW 4 he scored 3 goal. one in each match.
Liverpool’s fixture list SOU (h), CHE (h), STO (a), BRI (a), EVE (h)
It’s hard to say which one of the front three at Liverpool will get the points. Mane is as good as any of them.

DECISION : I say keep if you have. Buy if you can.

#Niasse 4.9 mill, 29p, TSB 2.4%, Form 4

One can only guess what is happening at Everton these days. And who will play up front. Since GW 6 he has been a part of the squad.
4 goals from 6 matches (287 min) is impressive. He is very cheap, so if you need a budget striker he can be your man.
It’s a tricky fixture list ahead. CRY (a), SOU (a), WHU (h), HUD (h), LIV (a)

DECISION : I would not gamble on Niasse. Things at Everton need to settle first. If you have him keep him. If you need a budget striker get him. But there is no need to run down doors to get him

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