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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Eriksen (Spurs) £9.7m

next 3 games : ARS(A)-WBA(H)-LEI(A)
You must have one of the Spurs front three , and while Kane is so expensive to afford and Alli being not consistent and unpredictable this season , Eriksen seems the best choice from Tottenham. Now we can argue his 3 consecutive blanks but we cannot deny his quality , the man even scored against Real Madrid in the UCL while being on this poor form. So it's better to give him the chance he deserve and all this bad luck will end so soon

GW11 points : 3
buy him ? YES

2/ Jesus (Man City) £10.5m

next 3 games : LEI(A)-HUD(A)-SOU(H)
Here comes again the Guardiola rotation , we hate it but we need to deal with it . We can affirm that Jesus will have enough playing time overall , and nobody can deny his talent and ability to score , he already scored this GW despite playing only 28 minutes . So keeping him will only be a waste of 1 playing point .

GW11 points : 5
buy him ? NO

3/ Doucoure (Watford) £5.4m


next 3 games : WHU(H)-NEW(A)-MUN(H)
Here's an important question : if you are planning to sell him , who will you get instead ? this man is the cheapest option that went 50+ points after 11 GWs , and he scored 10 bonus points in that period . So if you want to get another cheap player it's better to downgrade another midfielder rather than sell Doucouré.

GW11 points : 3
buy him ? YES


1/ Otamendi (Man City) £5.9m

next 3 games : !LEI(A)-HUD(A)-SOU(H)
A Yellow Card against Arsenal was his 5th which means he will be suspended for Leicester's game , but while we recommend to bench your suspended players so they can be available and ready for the next GW , we advise you to sell Otamendi because Man City defence is not doing good lately , in fact the toppers of the table have kept only one Clean Sheet in the last 4 PL games , 2 Clean Sheets in 7 games overall , and that's really not a good stat for a £5.9m player

GW11 points : 1
sell for a hit ? NO

2/ David Luiz (Chelsea) £5.9m

next 3 games : WBA(A)-LIV(A)-SWA(H)
Not even on bench for Man United's game made everyone worry , but what worries more is that his abscence coincide with Chelsea's Clean Sheet , this means the blues kept 3 Clean Sheets in 8 games he played , and two in the three games he wasn't playing . Moreover , Chelsea stopped having offensive threats from defenders , and the only defender providing the service that justifies their overprice is Azpilicueta , so we can narrow Chelsea's defence choice to Azpi or nobody

GW11 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Hegazi (West Brom) £4.7m

next 3 games : CHE(H)-TOT(A)-NEW(H)
We suggested you to sell him several weeks ago , and his best return since was 2 points , so it's really a waste if you still keep him , and the Clean Sheets he couldn't keep against Southampton and Huddersfield aren't expected to be kept against Chelsea and Tottenham

GW11 points : 1
sell for a hit ? YES

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