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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ David Silva (Manchester City) £8.5m


next 3 games : ARS(H)-LEI(A)-HUD(A)
Selling a Manchester City player seems a crazy idea for me while they're on this great form , but with Silva blanking twice in a row people started freaking out and trying to ditch him . It certainly hurts that the player who opens the path for Sané or the one who makes the last pass before the assist isn't rewarded in FPL , but that could change in any moment and we believe Silva will surely contribute in more goals in the upcoming fixtures . And if you look at the matter from another perspective , he is one of the few players who aren't involved in Guardiola rotation

2/ Lukaku (Man United) £11.7m


next 3 games : CHE(A)-NEW(H)-BHA(H)
Don't listen to those who said he is weak and he is not in form , because even while having a goalscoring drought , he got 12 points in the last 3 games . And the interesting news is that Pogba is on his way back from injury , which means the System that made United the strongest team in the first games will be activated again , and that's where Lukaku excelled

3/ Richarlison (Watford) £6.4m


next 3 games : EVE(A)-WHU(H)-NEW(A)
This man is really in a not understandable form . You watch him and you say this is the best budget player this game is offering , the 15/16 Mahrez or the 16/17 King . And then he misses some easy chances to make all his owners fuming . But the best formula to work this situation out is patience , he deserves some more chances regarding his next opponents' vulnerability and considering he has been feeding points in several occasions .


1/ Coutinho (Liverpool) £8.9m

next 3 games : WHU(A)-SOU(H)-CHE(H)
After missing GW10 because an injury , the Brazilian is a doubt and could be sidelined again next GW . And that's not all , as he is dropped to a deeper role this season and he started doing more defensive duties , his chances to make an impact has been reduced to free kick and shots from distance . It isn't good to have a player worth that amount of money for only this.

2/ Lacazette (Arsenal) £10.4m

next 3 games : MCI(A)-TOT(H)-BUR(A)
He is really disappointing . He doesn't give much return and players with his price tag are giving more points than him even while missing more than 200 playing minutes . If you are tempted with the idea of having an Arsenal forward we advice you to go with Ozil or Ramsey and you'll have some free funds and one Striker position available as strikers are doing great this season

3/ Matic (Man United) £5.0m

next 3 games : EVE(A)-WHU(H)-NEW(A)
Why do you have him in the first place ? the idea of picking a defensive midfielder has always been something to avoid . And they do really attract by scoring or assisting from time to time , but at the end the playmaker of the relegated team will have more points then them . So go and get his replacement and there's few interesting options available at that low price , like Burnley's Gudmundsson

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