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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of

*Top 3 Players To KEEP*

1/ Salah (Liverpool) £9.1m

next 3 games : HUD(H)-WHU(A)-SOU(H)
12k crazy people sold him and he suffered a price drop . I don't know why but with Mané injured and Firmino out of services , and while Coutinho is playing deeper than he used to , the only remaining option from the Reds is Mo Salah . The Egyptian hero rarely fails his owners and he is having a stand in the Overall Dream Team

2/ Kane (Spurs) £12.7m

next 3 games : MUN(A)-CRY(H)-ARS(A)
We kept telling you over and over , don't sell him , you will have nothing but regret when you do it , he will have many ups and downs but you must take the pain in order to get the reward . And here's the result : this man is now one of the most sold and bought players a the same time , and he is the top scorer of PL and the man with the most points on FPL . Long story short when you get Harry Kane in your team you don't sell him unless he gets a bad injury .

3/ Jesus/Sterling/D.Silva (Man City) £10.7m/£8.2m/£8.6m

next 3 games : WBA(A)-ARS(H)-LEI(A)
That's the problem with that bald Spaniard . His team is doing great and every player is on fire , but he doesn't have a fixed lineup . So when we buy a player we just need to guess , then pray our choice gets the least rotation . Actually not having any City player hurts , but following the waves and changing every rotated player every gameweek will hurt more in term of emotions , finance , points hit and probably health issues , so my advice is make a set and leave decision and just hope it works

*Top 3 Players To Sell*

1/ Mkhitaryan (Man United) £8.3m


next 3 games : TOT(H)-CHE(A)-NEW(H)
Don't get the idea wrong , Manchester United has one amazing tactics and it makes Mkhitaryan one of the hottest players of the game , but with Pogba and Fellaini both out for injury , there has been a hole in the midfield that made everything falls apart . Now the Armenian is just lost and unable to deliver good points . And for worse , the coming games are heavy ones , and Mourinho likes to play extra defensive in these games and turns every player he has into a defensive midfielder , and FPL is a game that hates defensive midfielders .

2/ Davies (Tottenham) £5.8m


next 3 games : MUN(A)-CRY(H)-ARS(A)
I have a ton of bad news for his owners : injury , Rose , Aurier , 3-4-3 system that makes Sissoko and Son some possible alternatives at the Left Wing Back , and a tough run of games that makes Spurs CS odds drop . So the safest option here is to sell him and see how will Pochettino progress with all these options then if Ben makes his way through the games then get him back .

3/ Alonso (Chelsea) £7.0m


next 3 games : BOU(A)-MUN(H)-WBA(A)
No sir , this is not acceptable , 2 goals and 2 Clean Sheets are not stats for that price , even defenders with £4.5m price tag are making better results and getting more points . If you missed one definition let me refresh your memory : you can't get more than 2 premium defenders (even 2 is a bit exaggerated) , and they are supposed to have the best points among your defenders . Moreover , he is out of form and he is really playing bad football

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