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Here we suggest some names you were planning to bench but playing them is a good idea , and some other names you probably need to bench rather playing or selling them

1. Richarlison ( £6.2m , TSB : 9.6% ) vs CHE A

facing Chelsea is a real test for everyone . They are the league title holders after all . But what if I told you they conceded 6 goals in their last 3 games ? the blues are in a very bad defensive form and Watford could benefit from that and score like they did last week vs Arsenal , then their top Scorer Richarlison should be involved .

2. Jamie Vardy ( £8.6m , TSB : 15.7% ) vs SWA A


He didn't score in the last 2 games , but with new energy and different ideas after Shakespeare departure could give him the push he needed to be back at his scoring routines . And don't forget Swansea are vulnerable defensively and they conceded in 3 of their 4 home games

3. Xherdan Shaqiri ( £6.0m , TSB : 4.8% ) vs BOU H


The team that was good enough to score twice against Manchester City is on a home mission to repair the damage from a very heavy defeat . Bournemouth on the other hand did keep a Clean Sheet only once this season and conceded 12 goals so far . So we guess there will be goals in this game and we expect Bournemouth's net will meet one of Shaqiri's wonders .

1. Ben Davies ( £5.9m , TSB : 23.4% ) vs LIV H


It's not about the injury that you should take in account while benching him , and not about the return of Danny Rose , but it's about another curse chasing the poor Spurs ; Liverpool and goals against Tottenham is a love story that could have another chapter this sunday . And if we look at the facts the Reds are coming so strong with a 7 goals tale to extend , while the Whites did a heroic game in Spain that will affect their form in this game . So avoid this complicated situation by benching Ben

2. Stephen Ward ( £4.6m , TSB : 11.6% ) vs MCI A


Hey they are facing Manchester City !! that's not a team to gamble against at the moment , and even if you think that Burnley will somehow find the way to score a goal in the Etihad , don't fancy their defenders who'll take Sterling marking job to be part of that goal .

3. Wayne Rooney ( £7.3m , TSB : 10.1% ) vs ARS H


Everton points dropping continue , and this time they'll face Arsenal who did slip to a defeat last week and will give a reaction for that . It will be a strong defence against a shaky attack led by Wayne Rooney , so don't choose one from the wrong side .

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