H17 2017-10-19 TOP 3 Differentials

We are back to provide you with top 3 differentials. We still use “Form”, “Team Selected By (TSB)”, and Fixture Difficulty Rank (FDR)” to pick our differentials and we will show you the calculation in a table. “Form” will help us to choose players that have good recent performance, so we choose players which “Form” is more than or 3.5. “TSB” will help us to choose players that owned by less than 10% managers. And, “FDR” will help us to choose players that have easy fixtures.

Our calculation is as follows.


Based on that calculation, we choose Pope (DEF), Antonio (MID), and Aguero (FWD) as our differentials. More details from those 3 players are as follows.

DEF: Pope (Burnley) – 4.5m – 0.6% - Form: 6.3


This 25 years old goalkeeper became a starter in Burnley since Heaton experienced a shoulder dislocation and will be sidelined for a long time. Pope has made 2 clean sheets from his 4 full matches and has made 22 saves so far. After facing Man City in gameweek 9, Burnley will have easy fixtures until gameweek 18, except facing Arsenal in gameweek 13. With his low price, Pope will be your good choice.

MID: Antonio (West Ham) – 7.5m – 0.6% - Form: 4.0


This 27 years old midfielder has scored 1 goal and 1 assist so far. Bilic places Antonio as a winger and it is a good position to score some points in FPL. Antonio has 15 shots so far and 9 shots of them are on target. Antonio will face easy fixtures until gameweek 14, except facing Liverpool in gameweek 11. His medium price makes him to be an alternative midfielder for your squad.

FWD: Aguero (Man City) – 11.5m – 8.0% - Form: 3.7


After recovering from his injury, Aguero was benched in the gameweek 8 and UCL matchday 3. So, it will be a big chance for him to start in the gameweek 9. Aguero has scored 6 goals and 3 assists so far. He has made 23 shots (top 7 for number of shots) and 10 of them are on goal. Pep said that Aguero will score goals until he dies, so his price is feasible to be bought.

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