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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Lacazette (Arsenal) £10.4m
next 3 games : WAT(A)-EVE(A)-SWA(H)
Remember when he scored a brace last gameweek ? then why are you selling him ? He's a top class striker and he is scoring , so keep faith in him and don't get disturbed by a blank GW , coz at the end everybody will be having some

2/ Vardy (Leicester) £8.5m
next 3 games : WBA(H)-SWA(A)-EVE(H)
If you look to the list of top strikers , you'll notice he is in the 5th rank , with both Aguero and Morata injured , and being the only one below £10m , and what a lovely run of games he is getting . Honestly I don't think there is a better option than him .

3/ Jesus (Man City) £10.4m
next 3 games : STK(H)-BUR(H)-WBA(A)
Man City is without a doubt the best attacking team in the Premier League so far , but the struggle for us was guessing which player will start , but now with Aguero injured , we have no need to guess as the only striker left in their squad is Jesus , and don't forget he is on the scoresheet in the last 4 PL games he played (Goal vs BOU , 2 Goals vs LIV , Goal vs WAT , Assist vs CHE)


1/ Aguero (Man City) £11.6m
next 3 games : !STK(H)-!BUR(H)-!WBA(A)
you need to replace an £11.6m injured player obviously , so go and transfert him out , but I want to warn you about doing it very soon , it's true that he will hit a £0.3 price fall this GW like he hit a £0.3m price rise 2 Gws ago , but we are going to have a FIFA week -injuries best friend- so be patient and lose £0.1m on purpose to prevent unpleasant surprises , or play your Wild Card if still available and sell him right now .

2/ Hegazi (West Brom) £4.9m
next 3 games : LEI(A)-SOU(A)-MCI(H)
West Brom failed to keep Clean Sheets in 4 of their last 5 games . That's an important fact you should worry about , and what you should worry about more is that they are going to have some difficult games against teams who rarely fail to score . So you probably should thank Hegazi for the good points he returned you , and give him a good bye wave

3/ Jese (Stoke) £5.9m
next 3 games : MCI(A)-BOU(H)-WAT(A)
the man was bought by 300K player after he scored against Arsenal in his debut , but since then he was delivering 2 poor points each game , and now he didn't play the Southampton game and he is having some personal issues so definitely it's time to drop him
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