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This weekly segment looks at the list of most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Alonso (Chelsea) £7.1m
next 3 games : MCI(H)-CRY(A)-WAT(H)
It was a drama when he made a crazy foul and luckily got only a yellow card for it , then his manager subbing him off at the 58th minutes , leaving his owners with zero points . And I understand that people are selling him to free up some funds to upgrade their forwards , but this is definitely not a rule . He is a great player and he is contributing in many of his team's chances . Give him enough chance and you'll be happy about his overall performance .

2/ Mkhitaryan (Man United) £8.5m
next 3 games : CRY(H)-LIV(A)-HUD(A)
The only reason that made people sell him is that they're buying some Man City players because they're scoring so much goals . But while the reason looks valid , Mkhitaryan is absolutely not the one who should be transferred out . His stats look unreal and just imagine he is facing the weakest defence of PL next , then will face a team that concedes many corners , as he is his team's set pieces taker . You just can't go more wrong if you transfer him out .

3/ Aguero (Man City) £11.7m
next 3 games : CHE(A)-STK(H)-BUR(H)
I started rubbing my eyes when I found him on the list of most transferred out players . Why on earth would someone sell the top player of the game , the one who scored 4 , assisted 2 and grabbed 5 bonus points in the last two games ?!!! If you sold him take a -4 points hit and buy him back .


1/ Rooney (Everton) £7.5m
next 3 games : BUR(H)-BRI(A)-ARS(H)
1 : he is tired
2 : he is injured
3 : he is out of form
4 : Everton seems to have a better option in his position as Niasse had an excellent week by scoring in the League Cup then scoring a brace in the Premier League game

2/ Mooy (Huddersfield) £5.7m
next 3 games : TOT(H)-SWA(A)-MUN(H)
after a good start in the campaign , Huddersfield was hit by the real face of the Premier League , and as things aren't going well , tougher games are coming onto their way , as they're going to face teams from top 6 in 7 of their next 11 games . So basically it is not recommended to have Huddersfield players in your team right now , and Mooy being one of them should be sold before his price starts to drop

3/ Mahrez (Leicester) £8.5m
next 3 games : BOU(A)-WBA(H)-SWA(A)
What an awefull form !! I am not expecting much of him in the next games and I won't be surprised if he loses his place in LCFC's starting 11 . And for his price you can buy the best midfielders of the game right now

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