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Here we suggest some names you were planning to bench but playing them is a good idea , and some other names you probably need to bench rather playing or selling them

**PLAY** :

1. Robert Elliot ( £4.1m , TSB : 23.1% ) vs BHA A
3 consecutive wins for Newcastle , and they're expected to get the fourth . Why ? well they were the only side to beat Brighton both Home and Away last season in the league one , and they're one of the few sides that weren't involved in the league cup duty in midweek . And again this goalkeeper is proving his worth by making a total of 15 saves , scoring 1 point for saves in every GW (except GW2). And don't forget Newcastle are favoured to keep a CS this game

2. Abdoulaye Doucouré ( £5.2m , TSB : 10.1% ) vs SWA A
Watford didn't lose any game and this man got at least 3 points in every game , except when they were trashed by a much stronger Man City . Swansea on the other hand is still unable to keep a CS at home . And when Watford scores , you'll absolutely hear the name of Doucouré as he is involved in goals in 2 of their 3 games where they scored .

3. Jamie Vardy ( £8.5m , TSB : 11.0% ) vs LIV H
What a good striker he is , 4 goals and 33 points in 5 games and a perfect time to have him as he faces Liverpool who have a struggling defense . And despite not participating in the league cup game due to an injury , his coach reassured us he will be ready to start the game , so play him and a reward of points will be waiting for you .

**BENCH** :

1. Charlie Daniels ( £4.9m , TSB : 11.8% ) vs EVE A
Bournemouth are yet to keep a CS this season , and they're unlikely to do it this GW since they're facing Everton who's coming from a disastrous start of the season and they'll try to repair their list of defeats by winning this game .

2. Jack Butland ( £5.0m , TSB : 4.0% ) vs CHE H
Facing Chelsea is a disadvantage for every goalkeeper . Conte boys failed to score in only one game since last season and Stoke's defence seems weak to follow Arsenal's steps in stopping them , so my advice is to keep him in bench and play your backup goalie instead .

3. Sadio Mané ( £9.5m , TSB : 12.4% ) vs LEI A
Why didn't you sell him ? It's now too late to make the move since this fixture will be his last game before coming back from suspension , so bench him and you'll find him ready for the next GW with a possible price rise

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