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H17 2017-09-21 TOP 3 Differentials

Again, our differentials scored some good points. Naughton made a clean sheet againts a tough opponent, Spurs. And, our new star, Lascelles that scored a goal againts Stoke. His second goal made him to be top scorer in Newcastle so far.

For gameweek 6, we will use the combination of “Form”, “Team Selected By (TSB)”, and “Fixture Difficulty Rank (FDR)” to choose our differentials. Those stats will provide some players that have good recent performance (Form), owned by less than 7% managers (TSB), and have easy fixtures (FDR). FYI: Form is a player’s average score per game, calculated from all games played in his club in the last 30 days.

DEF: Fabianski (4.5m) – 5,7% - Form: 7.3
So far, this Polish Goalkeeper is the top scorer for Swansea in FPL with his 29 points. He has made 3 clean sheets and he also scored 3 bonus points in his last match againts Spurs. He has created 24 saves for the first 5 gameweeks in Premier League 2017/2018. For the next 4 gameweeks, Swansea will face easy opponents, so Fabianski will be your a good choice for 4.5m goalkeeper.

MID: Ritchie (5.9m) – 4.5% - Form: 7.3
This 28 years old midfielder has made 4 assists so far. He has also created 4 big chances, 37 crosses, and 9 accurate long balls. Newcastle will face easy fixtures until gameweek 11, except facing Liverpool (Home) in gameweek 7. Ritchies has low price so you can buy him to gain both of more points and more budget saving.

FWD: Wood (6.5m) – 2.3% - Form: 5.7
This 191 cm stricker has scored 2 goals from his last three matches in Premier League. Those 2 goals was scored from his 3 shots on goal (convertion rate: 67%). Burnley has easy fixtures until gameweek 12, except facing Everton (Away) in gameweek 7 and Man City (Away) in gameweek 9. Wood will be a good deal for your third budget stricker.

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