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This weekly segment offers you a list of 6 players from the top transferred out players and proposes which players you should keep on your team and which players you should get rid of


1/ Spurs players
most people are getting rid of Davies,Eriksen,Alli and Kane so let's talk about this matter
Tottenham players are expensive and have much quality , but results are not following at the moment . it would be easy to drop them and have lot of money to spend everywhere , but at the end you'll be obliged to buy them back . Harry Kane being Harry Kane is only a hint that he will win the golden boot again . Eriksen and Alli not figuring in scoresheet doesn't mean they're bad or out of form , it's basically bad luck , and finally Davies was benched this gameweek because of an injury and nothing is serious to worry about it . So the plan here is : keep your players , wait , and you will get rewarded

2/ Jesus (Man City) £10.5m
"Aguero scored a hat-trick , must get him" . No sir , stick with Jesus , he will do fine and you won't regret it (having them both sounds a terrific idea to me).
Jesus has netted 4 in the last 3 PL games , it looks crazy to drop someone on full speed and his stats look more consistent than Aguero who scored 1 more and assisted 2 , both for him .
Finally be careful from Guardiola coz nobody knows how will he lineup in the next game and whether they'll both start or one of them will end up sitting on the bench

3/ Keane (Everton) £5.5m
it's tough to spend that much money on a defender and he concedes 10 goals in 4 PL games , and you think of getting someone cheaper who conceded less . But then you select one who still didn't face Man City , Chelsea , Spurs and Man United while this defender will be facing Bournemouth , Burnley and Brighton in the next 3 gameweeks .


1/ Pogba (Man United) £8.2m
bad news alert : his injury is a serious one and the French man could be out for 3 months . It's not wise to keep him unless you don't care about the price drops

2/ Heaton (Burnley) £5.0m
What is he still doing in your team ? you won't see him playing for a couple of months after he dislocated his shoulder in GW4 . And his price tag is going to drop sooner than you think.

3/ Mounie (Huddersfield) £6.1m
Another injured man in our list , but this one is not as serious as the previous ones . He is set to miss GW6 and can be ready for GW7 but blanking for 3 consecutive gameweeks and watching the man who's replacing him play well and score means he is going to lose the starting place for him . Better get another forward

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