FPL Return ; Gameweek 30 Preview ; Top 7 Tips

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Hello Everyone , This Is Admin Ryan King From Fantasy Premier League Updates and Tips
Today I am going to present to you 7 tips ahead of FPL Return!

FPL is now less than a week away from returning. These last 9 GWs will provide problems that we have either not seen before or encounter more in late December. Here are some points that you will need to consider as we progress in the weeks ahead.



1: Rotation will be heavy especially as we hit near the end of the season. One reason will be the injury risk to players. Another is a short turn around ahead of the 2020/21 season. Managers won't want players sitting around not playing if they can help it. It would quickly lead to members of their squad having not kicked a ball in 6 months. Some points below will help you with this.



2: If you have a Wildcard and at least 2 other chips then you should be chip playing on GW30. It will be the only DGW so it's worth the gamble even with no form. Bench Boost appears to be the best option as you can load up on doublers and wildcard ahead of GW31. If you wish to take the other route of playing Triple Captain then that is fine. Any manager that made transfers during the break and is happy with their permanent squad should consider Free Hit.



3: Don't be scared to have a punt on a couple of players. Remember we have no form to go on. Perhaps, a player who has started a season well before like Pukki should be in your mind too. This restart in a way is similar to the season kicking off in August. A player known for hitting the ground running could reward big points.



4: Try to build a team in later weeks consisting mainly of players from clubs who still have something to play for. These players are less likely to be rotated and give you a better chance of being able to field an XI.



5: Remember teams can now make 5 subs in a match. Looking at a player's history could help you here. Let's take the Wilson's at Bournemouth for example. Harry has only completed a match once this season. Callum is rarely subbed off so is more likely to see out a game and is a better option. Taking the effort to look could help you.



6: Keep an eye on injuries. A player is less likely to be rotated if he is the only fit option for his position. You may even find a couple of bargains to add to your squad by keeping on top of this. An example being James Justin of Leicester at £4.7m with the Foxes having the right back slot vacant.



7: Bundesliga has already been back for a few weeks and there has been a large number of away wins since, many being surprise results. Away teams have played with more confidence and empty stadiums has taken away home advantage. Whether similar trends happen in the Premier League remains to be seen but FPL managers should keep in mind that it is a possibility. Using home or away to make team selections could disappear over the coming GWs.

Remember, if you want to do well then you need to think and make an effort. There is a lot more skill to FPL than there is luck.


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