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As the FPL season reaches its final stages, it becomes necessary to gain points from every player. With the intensity doubled, player rotations and lack of clean-sheets, it becomes imperative to own defenders who can provide attacking returns. Since most FPL teams would be having either of Trent or Van Dijk, let’s have a look at which other defenders can fit into our FPL teams. This GW we will be comparing Marcos Alonso and Doherty to find out which of the two is worth owning.

Alonso: Price: £6.1

Alonso: Price: £6.1

TSB: 4.0%

Points: 30 (Last 5 GW)

Goals: 3 (Last 5 GW)

Assists: 0 (Last 5 GW)

Clean-sheet: 1 (Last 5 GW)

Bonus: 3 (Last 5 GW)

Marcos Alonso has been shifting in and out of the Chelsea squad this season, but it no denies that whenever he has played, he has earned FPL points. Lampard has continuously rotated Alonso, Emerson and Azpilicueta over the left-back spot, but with five consecutive starts overall competitions, it seems that Alonso will be holding that position at least for the remainder of the season. Alonso has been in sensational form scoring three in his past three league games, he has registered 11 shots and has 7 attempted assists. Alonso has already matched Doherty’s goal tally for the season despite playing significantly lesser matches (11-27). Chelsea enjoy a comfortable fixture list up until they face Liverpool on GW37, they also have potentially two double GWs.

Doherty: Price: £6.2

Doherty: Price: £6.2

TSB: 8.4%

Points: 40 (Last 5 GW)

Goals: 1 (Last 5 GW)

Assists: 2 (Last 5 GW)

Clean-sheet: 4 (Last 5 GW)

Bonus: 3 (Last 5 GW)

Doherty, unlike Alonso, has been ever-present in the Wolves starting eleven. Doherty much like last year is one of the midfield players listed as a defender on FPL. Wolves have always preferred to play with three at the back, converting Doherty to a wide right-midfielder. Doherty has had 7 shots and 5 attempted assists in his last 5 league matches, and has converted 1 goal and earned 2 assists. Wolves much like Chelsea have a brilliant set of fixtures coming up, unlike Chelsea however, Rui Patricio and co have managed to keep four shutouts from their last five. Wolves won’t be having any double GWs but will be one of the few teams playing in GW31.


comparison Doherty Alonso.png

Alonso is a far more attacking player than Doherty and would be a much more consistent source of points. Chelsea also enjoy double game-weeks, making him a more lucrative choice. However, Alonso’s place in the team has never been fixed and is always subject to rotation; this is the only gamble to owning Alonso.

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