Gameweek 26 Preview ; Player comparison: Baldock Vs Stevens [FPL 2019/20]

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With no attacking returns in the last 8 Gameweeks and the new signing of Sander Berge, maybe it’s safe to safe to say the reign of Lord Lundstram is sadly over. Lundstram is one of the most owned players of the game and replacing him will be on most managers mind. However, Lundstram wasn’t the only defender playing as a midfielder. Two more of Sheffield United’s defenders too play in midfield. Baldock and Stevens. Given Sheffield’s extremely kind fixtures and the need to replace Lundstram, Baldock and Stevens emerge as obvious replacement candidates. But the question is, which of the two?


Price: £5.1 TSB: 11.5% Total Points: 105 Goals: 2 Assists: 4 Bonus: 7


Price: £5.1 TSB: 2.8% Total Points: 96 Goals: 1 Assists: 2 Bonus: 8

Stevens or Baldock ?

Since both the players belong to the same team, defensively both the players are equal. However, it is the attacking threats from both the players that can be compared. Baldock plays as a right midfielder, while Stevens plays as a left midfielder.
Looking at the stats alone, it does seem Baldock is a better asset to own having more goals and assists that Stevens. However, on a more detailed analysis Stevens has taken more shots (9-14) and has created more big chances (1-8) than Balcock. Stevens also is a much major threat while on the attack as has more passes forward (283-385) than Baldock too. Stevens also earns more bonus points than Baldock because of his tendency to create more chances, winning tackles, successful crosses, lesser fouls and have a better passing accuracy.
But even after being a better attacking threat, Stevens has only one goal to his name, which was a header against Norwich (assisted by Baldock). Baldock comes big in his accuracy and conversion rate, Baldock arguably makes better attacking decisions than Stevens and that’s what sets him apart.

Finally, it comes down to what you want for your team, Stevens has way lesser ownership than Baldock inspite of the same price and similar points. If you are searching for a differential Stevens is the way to go, but if you are looking towards a much more reliable source of points Baldock may be a better option. Ultimately there wouldn’t be much difference in points between the two, just don’t bench them on a wrong day.

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