H17 2020-01-08 Captain Choice

Rashford: [9.1M, 29.3%]


• Player Form in the last 5 GWs :
Goals Scored : 2
Assists : 0
Shots : 18
Shots On Target : 11
Attempted Assists : 5
Expected Goals : 3.3
Penalty Taker : Y

•Manchester United:
2W 1L (6GS) in the last 3 GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 1W (4GS)
(A): 1L 1W (2GS)
• Norwich:
1L 2D (4GC) in the last 3 GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 2D (3GC)
(A): 1L (1GC)

Salah: [12.3M, 24.9%]


• Player Form in the last 5 GWs :
Goals Scored : 4
Assists : 1
Shots : 19
Shots On Target : 12
Attempted Assists : 11
Expected Goals : 3.2
Penalty Taker : Y

3W (7GS) in the last 3 GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 2W (3GS)
(A): 1W (4GS)
• Tottenham:
1L 1W 1D (4GC) in the last 3 GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 1W (1GC)
(A): 1L 1D (3GC)

Calvert-Lewin: [5.9M, 5.6%]

• Player Form in the last 5 GWs :
Goals Scored : 3
Assists : 0
Shots : 17
Shots On Target : 10
Attempted Assists : 6
Expected Goals : 2.6
Penalty Taker : N

• Everton:
2W 1L (4GS) in the last 3GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 1W (1GS)
(A): 1W 1L (3GS)
• Brighton:
1L 1D 1L (3GC) in the last 3GWs
Home/Away Form :
(H): 1W (0GC)
(A): 1W 1D (3GC)

Let analyze the stats:

Starting our analysis with the most differential player of all scoring strikers, DCL, he has been in form since Ancelotti joining The Toffees. Scoring in 2 out of 3 games. He has scored already 8 this season, his best tally so far in 4 seasons, topping his best last season (6). He started one game against The Seagulls but played in 5 partially, contributing in 1G and 1A. An explosive striker that can score at any given moment when having a football in the box. He has a great run of fixtures ahead of him, playing Brighton and Newcastle (H), West Ham and Watford (A).
Back to the footballing Pharaoh of Egypt, Salah. He is in a great form (tbh he is always in form), he can sloppy sometimes by trying too hard but this guy has proved himself to be one of the best talents in the past 3-4 years and he was rested for the home win game with The Toffees. He is playing his favorite opponent, contributing in 7 goals in just 10 games. IMPRESSIVE!! There is no stopping for Liverpool’s attack and threat and there is nothing getting better in Tottenham’s defense, even after Mourinho joining the side. Liverpool have scored 46 goals (2) with City (1) with 56. However, Tottenham ranks the worst with their arch rival Arsenal with 30 goals conceded in the top 10. Again, when in doubt cap SALAH.
Last but not least, back to Rashford. A player with all the abilities and talent. He can outrun any defender but sometimes he decides to take a day off on the pitch. He is the player you are looking for in the United squad, he scored again in United’s loss against The Citizens midweek in the Carabao cup semi-final. He is playing Norwich who has the worst defense in the league with 41 goals conceded. He faced The Canaries once and it was this season, contributing in 1G and 1A. He also scored 8 out his 12 goals at home... Enough said!!
As promised before, I will add a part for the players that deserve to be capped. To be remembered and not to be forgotten.
Starting with Mane, who as well has been rested for the midweek cup game against The Toffees. The elected best African player of this year has played against Spurs 11 times contributing in 2 goals and 1 assist. A serious player to look at if you have him in your team.
Another player that never fails to impress, except this time he has been injured with a pregnant wife that delivered 2 weeks ago, VARDYYYYYY! he is playing a team that he demolished in the first part of the season scoring 3 goals and assisting one. You just can not stop thinking about this player and how of an impact he will be.

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