Gameweek 4 Review : 3 Players To KEEP vs 3 Players To SELL

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This weekly segment offers you a list of 6 players from the top transferred out players and proposes which players you should keep on your team and which players you should get rid of


1/ Rooney (Everton) £7.6m
Upcoming Fixtures : MUN A , BOU H ; BUR H
so you took the shot and bought him despite the fact that his team faces 4 of the top 6 teams in the first 5 gameweeks , and now when the "easy" fixtures are approaching you decided to drop him ? and don't forget his next game will be against Manchester United in the Old Trafford ; plenty of emotions and a nostalgic goal won't be a big surprise

2/ Willian (Chelsea) £7.1m
Upcoming Fixtures : ARS H , STK A ; MCI H
again , don't drop him . Hazard is still not 100% fit and Chelsea will need lot of rotation after the Champions League start . So he will be in plenty of action and when he plays he satisfies his owners

3/Firmino - Salah (Liverpool) £8.6m - £9.1m
Upcoming Fixtures : BUR H , LEI A , NEW A
I am confused why are people selling them . Liverpool had a bad game against Man City but what are the odds to blank again when they face a Heaton-less Burnley side ?
here's a fun fact about the Reds duo : Salah points tally so far is 11-1-11-1 ; Firmino points tally so far is 12-2-12-2


1/ Chicharito (West Ham) £7.1m
Upcoming Fixtures : WBA A , TOT H , SWA H
Two mistakes from Southampton defence and everybody was thinking there is a Ronaldo tagged at £7m in the hammers lineup . But no , he is so average , having 2.25 shots per game with a 44% shot accuracy . It's too hard to get goals with those stats in PL and that price isn't meant to be wasted on players unable to figure in the scoresheet

2/Xhaka (Arsenal) £5.6m
Upcoming Fixtures : CHE A , WBA H , BRI H
he had a great game against Leicester and we thought he is the cheap midfielder that will provide so many assists this season . He even played some corners and free kicks that game . But the real reason of that performance is the other defensive midfielder in the team : Elneny . Now with Ramsey in the lineup Xhaka has more defensive duties and he doesn't contribute so much in the offensive lines . Not good enough to stay in the team

3/Heaton (Burnley) £5.0m
he picked an injury against Crystal Palace and it looks a serious one . Just buy another goalkeeper before his price fall

Who Are You Selling/Buying For GW5 ?

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