H17 2017-09-06 TOP 3 Differentials

Our article of differential players for gameweek 2 suggested David Silva. This Spaniard playmaker made an assist in his last match againts Bournemouth. And, Silva also gained 2 bonus point in that match.
For gameweek 4, our top differentials article still use “Form” and “Team Selected By (TSB)” as the indicators to choose top 3 differential players for each position. We choose players which “Form” is 6 or more and their “TSB” is lower than 5%. But, we make an exception for picking differential forward because we can’t pick any forward that meets that indicators. So, we pick forward which “Form” is 4 or more. Our choices are as follows.

DEF: Naughton – 4.5m – 3.3% – Form 6.3
This 28 years old defender scored 1 assist and 2 clean sheets for his first 3 matches in Premier League 2017/2018. He made 5 tackles, 7 interceptions, and 12 clearances. He also like to support in attack by making 5 crosses. Swansea will face easy opponent for the next 6 gameweek except facing Spurs in gameweek 5. His price is so economic, that is 4.5m. So, Naughton is a good choice for your differential and budget defender.

MID: Richarlison – 6.0m – 4,8% - Form 6
This Brazilian Midfielder made a prospective debut in Premier League. He scored a goal in gameweek 2 againts Bournemouth and an assist in gameweek 1 againts Liverpool. He made 11 shots in his first 3 matches. He will meet easy fixtures for the next 4 gameweek except facing Man City in gameweek 5.

FWD: Abraham – 5.5m – 3.1% - Form 4.0
This youngster succeed to make his first goal in Premier League. He scored a goal in gameweek 3 againts Crystal Palace. He made 8 shots in his first 3 matches. He is always be a starter and Llorente’s move to Spurs will give a more secure position to him. Abraham also has another advantage, that is his easy fixtures for the next 6 gameweeks.

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