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This weekly segment looks at the list most early transferred out players after each GW and and proposes which 3 players you should keep on your team and which 3 players you should get rid of


1/ Lingard (Man United) £6.4m

next 3 games : BUR(A)-TOT(A)-HUD(H)
After having an amazing performance that allowed him to be the most transferred in player ,Lingard failed us and had a poor game this GW. But it will be a mistake to sell him straight after failing you because you know nobody can be always the best of the GW and for Lingard's price even three blanks are tolerable . You need also to check his latest scores and you'll notice how did he blank in GW21 then scored in GW22
GW23 points : 2
buy him ? YES

2/ Otamendi (Man City) £6.5m

next 3 games : NEW(H)-WBA(H)-BUR(A)
You see that one of your players had a negative points so you decide to go and sell him. Good plan if the reason for the negative points wasn't a full of goals Premier League classic game. Liverpool scored as usual and the result is Man City defenders settle with bad outcome . Well the good news is that there's only one Liverpool in the PL so you don't worry much for Otamendi , and the points would be more if he scored one of the two clear chances he missed in the game .
GW23 points : -1
buy him ? YES

3/ Alli (Spurs) £9.0m

next 3 games : SOU(A)-MUN(H)-LIV(A)
Are you aware that you are selling a player who scored 2 and assisted 5 in the last 5 gameweeks ? I understand the temptation to get Son And you should , but not for one of the most in form players at the moment. If you're that desperate to get Son then double up your Tottenham players or even triple up with Kane , but don't sell anyone of them for the big performance they're having . Plus don't worry much for their upcoming fixtures that look very spicy
GW23 points : 6
buy him ? YES


1/Calvert-Lewin (Everton) £5.5m

next 3 games : WBA(H)-LEI(H)-ARS(A)
With his latest poor games and with the signing of the new striker Tosun , It looks that Calvert-Lewin will be dropped in the bench in the next few games , and that only means his price is in danger of falling . My advice is to drop him as soon as possible . Yet if you have more important transfers to do put him in the bench and wait for the right GW because for that price you don't expect a player to cover the 4 points cost to bring him.
GW23 points : 1
sell for a hit ? NO

2/ Mee (Burnley) £4.9m

next 3 games : MUN(H)-NEW(A)-MCI(H)
It has been quite a long time since Burnley last impressed me defensively . It's understandable that they're missing few names in the back line but the odd fact that puzzles me is that the last time they had 3 consecutive clean sheets Mee was missing 2 games . Moreover the next games are so difficult for their defence since they'll face the two Manchester sides in the next 3 games ,and even when they had big games against top teams in the first half of the season they still conceded in all of them . So get rid of Mee even as a temporary decision and wait for Burnley's great defence to rise again to reconsider their players
GW23 points : 2
sell for a hit ? YES

3/ Surman (Bournemouth) £4.7m

next 3 games : WHU(A)-CHE(A)-STK(H)
Once he was a very good pick with all the Bournemouth penalties and his cheap price , but then he lost his place in the starting line up and he isn't getting any time to play . This means it's time to ditch him and the bad news you can't do it without taking hits . That means you need to work on this transfer either by downgrading one of your premium players with a risky and a punt pick or save your transfert to be able to make safer picks with less important players for no hits.
GW23 points : 0
sell for a hit ? YES

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